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When Vladimir Putin came to power in 2000, the outside world viewed “Russian oligarchs” as men who whose vast wealth, ruthlessly amassed, made them almost shadow rulers. The term has persisted well into Putin’s rule, broadening in popular usage to refer to almost any Russian with a substantial fortune. How much political power any of Russia’s uber-rich now wield, however, is doubtful. In the summer of 2000, Putin met in the Kremlin with about two dozen of the men regarded as the top oligarchs. Although the meeting was closed, reports later said he made them a sternly clear deal: Stay out of politics and your wealth won’t be touched.


Did you watch “Beef” yet? What about “The Bear”? It seems there's always a show or two that maybe you've meant to watch and just haven't gotten around to it yet. Or, a title could have skipped you completely. The Associated Press has compiled a list of 10 TV shows — not ranked and in no particular order —  which are worth adding to your “to be watched” list or are perfect for bingeing around the holidays. “The Golden Bachelor” makes the list. Also selected are comedies “Shrinking,” “The Big Door Prize," “The Other Two” and “Jury Duty,” as well as dramas “Swarm,” “Perry Mason” and “Succession.”