LAKE CITY — A 65-year-old Manton man is facing a potential life sentence in prison after his arraignment on multiple offenses in Missaukee County’s 84th District Court.

John David Pree was charged with one count each of assault with intent to murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, a knife, and a weapons offense of possession or use of body armor by a violent felon for his connection with an incident on Nov. 20 in Caldwell Township. A habitual offender fourth offense notice was added to the charge, which carries a maximum penalty of up to life in prison if the primary offense is punishable by up to five years in prison or 15 years in prison if the primary offense is punishable by under five years in prison.

If convicted of the assault with intent to murder offense, Pree faces a potential life sentence.

The charges alleged the victims in this case were two of Pree’s brothers. Missaukee County Sheriff Wil Yancer said the incident is a tale of a family fight that allegedly got out of hand. He said Pree lives in a house where all the brother’s names are on the deed. It formally belonged to their parents, according to Yancer.

Yancer said a week before the Nov. 20 incident deputies were at the house to mediate a disagreement regarding whether the brothers could be at the house that Pree calls home. Pree was told the matter was a civil matter and not much could be done by the sheriff’s office and Yancer said the 65-year-old was told he would have to seek a court order of full occupancy.

“They (the other Pree brothers) feel they can come when they please and John (Pree) doesn’t share that belief,” Yancer said.

A week later, Yancer said deputies were called back to the property and all four brothers and a sister were there. It was at that time the assaults were alleged to have occurred.

Yancer said one brother refused treatment but later did and received stitches. The other brother injured in this incident had a serious stab wound to their leg and Yancer said the deputy had to use a tourniquet to stop the bleeding until EMS arrived. Yancer said the brother with the leg injury was taken to Munson Medical Center in Traverse City and was admitted into the hospital for a couple of days.

The court issued a $200,000 cash or surety bond and Pree is scheduled to be back in the Missaukee County court on Dec. 14.